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The Living Legacy of Trauma Flip Chart

This psychoeducational flip chart consists of 22 diagrams with text summarizing the most current research and theoretical concepts in trauma treatment in a simple graphic format understandable for most clients. The use of these simple diagrams increases the ability of the client to understand the nature of the symptoms and engage more easily in the treatment. Clients feel a sense of relief as their puzzling and disturbing reactions begin to make sense.

The revised Flip Chart with many new features was released by PESI Publishing on March 1st and is available on Amazon.com. The revised version consists of double-sided pages, one side for the client and the other for the therapist's viewing. The psychoeducational diagrams are on the client's side, while the therapist page provides information and key points about the diagram to assist the therapist in describing the concepts and their implications for the therapy.

Because the stress response disrupts general information processing, survivors of trauma live in a somatic world rather than a world of language.

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