Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment

Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST) in the Treatment of Self-Destructive, Eating Disordered, and Addictive Behavior

For the last 30 years, Dr. Fisher has been on a mission to help survivors of trauma and those who are trusted to help them

As a therapist I understand the complexities of working with traumatized clients. Join me and learn how to treat the clients at the highest risk, the clients most demanding to take on, or those you may have felt ill-equiped to handle.

Her approach takes the intensity out of trauma treatment and replaces it with a method that is gentle and accesible, decreasing avoidance and resistance.

Her mothod focuses on treating the effects of traumatic events, asa opposed to treating the event itself, and on managing unsafew and addictve impulses as trauma-driven behaviors rather than manipulative and attention-seeking ones. This makes therapy much less threatening to clients, and much more effective for the clinician.

In TIST training, you learn exactly how trauma drives survival responses that re-create the felt sense that they are still in it, leading to impuslive attempts to fight or flee.

TIST provides an easier and more effective way of working with any clients who still suffer from treatment-resistant conditions and other effects of traumna. Best of all, TIST also prevents burnout by decreasing the stress on YOU to “save the day”.

You no longer have to feel helpless and ineffective when helping traumatized clients.

TIST changes all that by:

Treating the Effects of Traumatic Events
Managing Unsafe and Addictive Impulses
Reducing Burnout

Join over 250 certified TIST therapists from around the world!

TIST training is available in multiple languages and offered at different levels, TIST 1 (Foundational), TIST 2 (Advanced) & TIST 3 (Certification Program).

English (Therapy Wisdom)

these are also offered on demand
Tist 2 2024
Tist 3 2025


Tist 1 2024


Tist 1 2024


Tist 1 2025