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Working with The Cape Cod Institute

I’ve been a regular visitor to the seaside communities of Cape Cod since 1975 and a presenter at the Cape Cod Institute for
20 years. I call it “summer camp for grownups” because it is such a completely different experience than a workshop or
professional conference. Located in a middle school, the atmosphere is very informal——everyone arrives in their vacation
attire, classes are small, and, best of all, we are only ‘in school’ for half the day. At 12:30, we all pack up and spend the rest
of the day at the beach or biking, hiking, reading, and sightseeing. It was a shock at first to hear the announcements of
evening/afternoon activities: there is usually a nature walk on Monday, whale watching on Tuesday, and a musical or drama
production on Wednesday. The first few years, a folk singer would come to class one morning to sing for us! It’s more fun
and hard work but still inspired and inspiring because we all have a chance to integrate what we’ve learned before we come
back the next day. It’s one of my favorite teaching experiences of every year!

My upcoming workshops with The Cape Cod Institute

July 1, 2024

Transforming Trauma-Related Resistance and Stuckness

Event by: Cape Cod Institute

The history of The Cape Cod Institute

Founded in 1980, by Gilbert Levin, Ph.D., the Cape Cod Institute is known worldwide for the excellence of the Continuing Education (CE) courses and seminars it offers for educators, mental health, behavioral, leadership, and management professionals, as well as members of other professions who apply behavior science in their practices.

The Institute’s intensive CE courses, on a broad spectrum of topics in leadership and psychology, ranging from trauma to mindfulness, from anxiety to diversity, are taught by thought leaders in these fields and are attended by practitioners from throughout the world.