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Attachment as a sensorimotor experience: the use of sensorimotor psychotherapy

Risk Assessment Protocol

Stages of Trauma Recovery

Self-harm and Suicidality

Working With the Neurobiological Legacy of Early Trauma

Dissociative phenomena in the everyday lives of Trauma survivors

Twenty-five years of Traume Treament: What have we learned?

Treatment Paradigm for Working with Structurally Dissociated Parts

Anatomy of Self-hatred: Learning to love our loathed selves

Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST): A New Approach to Treating Unsafe Behavior

Fragmented Selves Protocol for EDMR Therapists

Transference/ countertransference Dilemmas in the Treatment of Traumatized Patients

Addictions and Trauma recovery

The Treatment of Structural Dissociatation in Chronically Traumatized Clients

Adapting EDMR Techniques in the Treatment of Dysregulated or Dissociative Clients