“Because the stress response disrupts general information processing, survivors of trauma live in a somatic world rather than a world of language.”


Psychoeducational Aids for Treating Psychological Trauma

This psychoeducational flip chart consists of 22 diagrams with text summarizing the most current research and theoretical concepts in trauma treatment in a simple graphic format understandable for most clients. The use of these simple diagrams increases the ability of the client to understand the nature of the symptoms and engage more easily in the treatment. Clients feel a sense of relief as their puzzling and disturbing reactions begin to make sense, and therapists find the flip chart a support for not only the treatment but also the relationship. Topics covered: common symptoms and difficulties related to experiences of trauma, effects on the nervous system and brain, traumatic attachment, addictions and trauma, dissociative phenomena, and stages of treatment.

Available in two convenient sizes:
A small size: 10X13. $45 (plus shipping and handling).
A large size: 17X22. $85 (plus shipping and handling).
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The flip chart is also available in the small size in Spanish, French, German, and Dutch. Please contact Dr. Fisher for more information.

Sample flip chart pages: Click on any image below for a larger view.

Flipchart graphic Flipchart graphic
Flipchart graphic Flipchart graphic

Other Work

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  • “Adapting EMDR Techniques in the Treatment of Dissociative or Dysregulated Clients” (unpublished paper) | Download PDF*
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